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Expat Insider 2022 — Coming Full Circle?

Since 2014, we’ve asked expats from around the world to take part in the annual Expat Insider survey. One the largest of its kind, the survey covers virtually every aspect of the expat experience — from finances to finding friends — allowing expats to share their personal experiences and thoughts on life abroad.

In 2022, close to 12,000 respondents shared what it’s like living and working far from home. Together, they represent a total of 177 nationalities and live in 181 countries or territories.

The views gathered in the survey paint a picture of what expat life today is like — and also give insights into expats’ respective countries and cities of residence around the globe.

Expat City Ranking 2022

From the quality of life to working abroad, from expat essentials and the ease of settling in to personal finances, there’s much to shed light on when it comes to life abroad. Read on to find out what the best (and worst) cities are in these respects — and for expats in general!

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Country Rankings & Reports

Interested in what the top — and bottom — destinations for expats are in 2022? Below, you can find an overview of the best and worst places, focus articles on the five underlying topical indices of the ranking, and information on the survey demographics and methodology.

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Destination Reports

Want to take a closer look at a specific country or territory? Below, we are featuring detailed reports on 27 different expat destinations, from Australia to Vietnam. Read on to find out more about expat life across the globe!

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