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Celebrating 10 Years of Expat Insider

The 2023 edition of our Expat Insider survey is a special occasion for us. This year marks the tenth anniversary of one of the world’s largest surveys on living and working abroad.

More than 12,000 expats worldwide, representing 171 nationalities and living in 172 countries or territories, have once again shared their opinions on everyday life abroad.

Their answers provide in-depth insights into expat life around the globe. Just like back in 2014, we invite you to explore and enjoy.

Expat City Ranking 2023

From finances and housing to working abroad and the ease of settling in, there are many topics to consider when it comes to life abroad. Find out what the best cities are in 2023!

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Country Rankings & Reports

Want to know what the best — and worst — destinations for expats are in 2023? Check out our articles on the top places, have a read about the five topical indices of the ranking, or find information on the survey demographics and methodology.

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Destination Reports

Interested in the results of a specific country or territory? Below, we feature detailed reports on 21 different expat destinations, from Australia to Vietnam, including a closer look at the Nordic Countries. Read on to find out more about expat life across the globe!

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